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Billy Roberts’ 10-Step Psychic Development Programme

Billy Roberts

Billy Roberts is one of Britain’s top psychics and in this new and inspiring book he takes you through his amazing 10-step plan for developing your psychic skills. By reading this book and following Billy’s highly regarded course, you will learn how to unlock your true potential – because we all have psychic abilities. Packed with amazing stories and easy-to-follow exercises, Billy Roberts’ 10 Step Psychic Development Programme will help you to learn: • About your psychic nature and your hidden psychic ability • How and when to use your psychic skills • How to protect yourself and your loved ones • How to use your skills for communicating, healing and divining the future.


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How to Develop Your Sixth Sense

David Lawson

We all have the potential to develop our psychic and intuitive abilities. Through using this extraordinary book, you may discover that you are a natural healer or a latent clairaudient. You could awaken a powerful clairvoyant vision. Activating your psychic potential is safe, transformational, and fun.
   Includes: • exercises to encourage your unique psychic abilities • techniques for awakening your inner wisdom • ways to develop the latest powers of your mind • affirmations, visualisations, and practical guidance to enhance your spiritual growth.


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Is Your Pet Psychic

Richard Webster

You probably know about some of the amazing feats regularly accomplished by animals, from salmon who navigate through hundreds of miles of water to their birthplace to spawn, to bloodhounds who can track the tiniest trace of a scent with noses one million times stronger than ours. Although psychic powers such as telepathic communication have yet to be explained by modern science, all animals, both human and nonhuman, have the potential. But like any talent, psychic talent must be developed and practiced.
   Part collection of amazing animal stories, part psychic manual, Is Your Pet Psychic? is your guide to understanding and developing your pet's psychic powers. The exercises in this book will help you and your pet develop the natural psychic potential inherent within all living things. As you experiment with them you will explore one of the true wonders of nature, and strengthen the special bond you share with your pet.


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Anthony North

Providing a comprehensive summary and explanation of every phenomena regarded as "paranormal", this guide to the unexplained is easy to use and offers recent research material on the subject.


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Piatkus Dictionary of Mind Body and Spirit

Paula Byerly Croxon

Don’t know you asana from your elemental? Have you always wanted to know the difference between a psychic and a spirit medium? The Piatkus Dictionary of Mind, Body and Spirit will make you an instant expert.


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Practical Guide to Psychic Powers

Denning and Phillips

You may not realize it, but you already have the ability to use ESP, Astral Vision and Clairvoyance, Divination, Dowsing, Prophecy, and Communication with Spirits. Written by two of the most knowledgeable experts in the world of psychic development, this book is a complete course-teaching you, step-by-step, how to develop these powers that actually have been yours since birth.


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Supernatural Isle of Man

Jenny Randles

This book brings you the adventures of the fenoderee, who created the world first crop circles. The fearsome moddey dhoo that terrified castle guards. Plus dozens of other amazing cases — including the most bizarre 20th century poltergeist on record. Even the island’s creation myth is steeped in the supernatural.


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Supernatural Lancashire

Peter Hough

Supernatural Lancashire delves into the mysteries, myths and strange phenomena of the old county of Lancashire.


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Supernatural Peak District

David Clarke

Folklorist David Clarke has reached beyond the old legends by collecting personal experiences of strange poltergeists and UFOs, using eye-witness accounts from residents and visitors.


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Supernatural Pennines

Jenny Randles

Supernatural Pennines relates over 100 inexplicable case histories, which have come to light through regional survey and in-depth examinations.


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Supernatural Scotland

Roddy Martine

Roddy Martine has embarked upon a personal odyssey in search of the inexplicable and bizarre in every corner of Scotland.


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Test Your Psychic Powers

Susan Blackmore and Adam Hart-Davies

Have you ever wondered whether you have psychic powers? This book encourages you to try your hand and contains a set of experiments that will help you find answers to the following questions: • Does telepathy exist? • Do crystals have special powers? • How do dowsers find underground water supplies? • Why do pendulums spin? • Can you influence other people’s dreams? • How have people managed to predict the future? • Does astrology work? • What are auras and how do you see them?

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