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If you'd like your web site listed on this page -  all you need to do is add a link to from your web site, and E-Mail your site name and URL to A new site for a new paranormal group in the Stockport/South Manchester area. This site will be up and running the first week of january 04 This is one of the north-east's leading site investigation groups at this point in time.

Ghost Sightings UK is an online database of ghost sightings and hauntings in the UK. Searchable by county, this website will prove a valuable tool for anyone interested in ghosts.

Haunted Isles Preternatural Investigation Team (HIPIT) is based near Manchester, UK and specialises in a variety of services relating to the paranormal, including including paranormal/psychic investigation and clearance.

North Wales Paranormal Research was set up by in December 2002 and began investigating in March 2003. In the past few months, the group have done work for the newspapers, radio and BBC television. We have also filmed the pilot episode of a TV series which is in negotiation with several TV companies at the moment and last weekend we were invited by Jason Karl to do a talk on Ghost Hunting at the inaugural Ghost Con event in Nottingham. We are predominantly interested in researching the paranormal (in particular, ghosts and hauntings) from a scientific point of view.

Northern Counties Preternatural Studies is a new site/club dealing with preternatural sites and tales in the northern counties of England. The site holds site investigation details, as well as a public forum where people can discuss relevant issues and add sites and stories to the Counties forum-based 'database'. All are welcome.

Paranormal Site Psychic Readings, Astrology Reports, Tarot, Web Links & MUCH More!

Spooky Thanet This aim of this site is to enable people with an interest in ghosts and Thanet to share views and maybe learn a bit more. I have just refound my interest in ghosts and hauntings and have found that there are a lot of people around who share that interest. So, if you have the slightest interest in ghosts or the paranormal, live in or know the Isle of Thanet, know of a spooky tale about the area or want to hear one, have some strange pics, or want to see some, then this could be for you.

The Insight is a web directory of New Age, Religious, Spiritual and Health websites. 

UKWitch A paranormal forum that investigates Essex and surrounding areas.

Unexplained Mysteries Reporting on the latest paranormal, bizarre, science and space related news stories from all over the world on a daily basis. Unexplained Mysteries has a friendly community of users that is growing every day. Unexplained Mysteries is run as an extended hobby, it's goal is to provide a comprehensive on-line information resource, daily news source and community for those interested in the paranormal and other related topics. The site was founded back in 1998, and was originally called 'The Encyclopaedia of the Unexplained'. In 2000 the site was renamed 'Unexplained Mysteries' when we moved to the domain. We now receive over a million page views each month, and maintain one of the fastest growing paranormal related forum communities on the Internet.


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